Now Offering Sound Baths

How Much Does a Sound Bath Cost?

In-Studio $55
On-Location: personal residence/event location (5 persons max) $99
On-Location Event: (Baby Blessing/Birthday/Corporate Connection) $333

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What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is an experience in which I guide you into a meditative state with the use of my gong, singing bowls, and accessory instruments to bathe my clients in healing vibrational sounds. I assist my clients in reaching the theta state (in between dreaming and awakeness) and guide them to full relaxation. I offer you a chance at full self-care. My dedicated one-on-one sessions are customized for the individual and facilitated with your highest good at the center of all I do.

“I enjoyed it very much and can see how this experience could be very healing and transformative. Love also the use of the crystals and the cards. Jacqualyn is a talented healer.”

“I felt a sense of weightlessness and deep relaxation. I was skeptical of this type of experience but when I let myself go and relaxed on the pillow provided I experienced bliss. It was a strange feeling for me in a public setting to relax so deeply. Jacqualyn’s voice, instruments, and the full experience allowed for a safe space for me to relax and benefit in a great way. Thank you!”

“The sound bath was a new experience for me and I felt my body heavy and melting into the floor. I wasn’t sure about my experience since it was so new to me. However, when I went home and the next day I was filled with mental clarity and an ease of producuitty resulted.”

“As an avid marijuana smoker I never believed I could find an alternative or thought I needed one. I experienced a sound bath for the first time with Jacqualyn and was shocked and am now open to the idea of monthly sessions. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of deep relaxation.”

“The breathing techniques Jacqualyn instructed me to do were familiar and calming. I felt like I had a light nap and was impressed with the unfamiliar sounds that soothed me in a way I never imagined.”

” Last night’s sound bath by @investmentinspectorsllc at @commonspacela was positively stellar!! She used a ceremony drum and I was visualizing dancing by fire with other women, it was so real! I felt an über strong pull in my root, like I felt anchored and able to safely release the fear of invalidation, unacceptance, and not being in control. When she switched to the gong the zing went straight for my crown and third eye and the bowls had me able to move energy through my heart and solar plexus. I’m waking up feeling amazing!! She’s there every Monday, please check it out!!”
“Awesome Soundbath & Reiki session with Jacqualyn Jackson & Camila & their sweet little helper, Rosie, in Kenneth Hahn State Park today. I’m so grateful I learned about these types of healing & self-care modalities over the last 10 years. I never went to a Soundbath outside. It was AMAZING! The sun, wind, trees, birds chirping all enhanced the powerful effects of the sound & reiki elements. Feeling happy for the opportunity to participate. Jacqualyn & her friends are amazing!”

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