Now Offering Sound Baths

How Much Does a Sound Bath Cost?

In-Studio $55
On-Location: personal residence/event location (5 persons max) $99
On-Location Event: (Baby Blessing/Birthday/Corporate Connection) $333

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What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is an experience in which I guide you into a meditative state with the use of my gong, singing bowls, and accessory instruments to bathe my clients in healing vibrational sounds. I assist my clients in reaching the theta state (in between dreaming and awakeness) and guide them to full relaxation. I offer you a chance at full self-care. My dedicated one-on-one sessions are customized for the individual and facilitated with your highest good at the center of all I do.

“I enjoyed it very much and can see how this experience could be very healing and transformative. Love also the use of the crystals and the cards. Jacqualyn is a talented healer.”

“I felt a sense of weightlessness and deep relaxation. I was skeptical of this type of experience but when I let myself go and relaxed on the pillow provided I experienced bliss. It was a strange feeling for me in a public setting to relax so deeply. Jacqualyn’s voice, instruments, and the full experience allowed for a safe space for me to relax and benefit in a great way. Thank you!”

“The sound bath was a new experience for me and I felt my body heavy and melting into the floor. I wasn’t sure about my experience since it was so new to me. However, when I went home and the next day I was filled with mental clarity and an ease of producuitty resulted.”

“As an avid marijuana smoker I never believed I could find an alternative or thought I needed one. I experienced a sound bath for the first time with Jacqualyn and was shocked and am now open to the idea of monthly sessions. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of deep relaxation.”

“The breathing techniques Jacqualyn instructed me to do were familiar and calming. I felt like I had a light nap and was impressed with the unfamiliar sounds that soothed me in a way I never imagined.”

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