Home Healing Package

Starting at $222

Our home healing package includes:

  • Space Clearing: To enhance the positive energy in the home.
  • Intention Setting: To prepare the home for the new occupants.
  • Sound Bath: To relax the new owners and provide a smooth transition and connection to their new home.

This will all take place prior to moving in, ideally in the empty home prior to any moving activities to prepare the home in the best way possible for the new family’s transition. This will allow the family to start off relaxed and ready to move in and start their new home owning journey.

This is essentially a gift card. You provide the client info as if you were booking an inspection and the day they get the keys can be the “inspection date” Inspection times are limited so choosing 8am would be best. You can put in the notes the preferred times.

Please fill out the in-take form and email me directly and I’ll confirm your appointment.  Email me directly: Jacqualyn@investmentinspectorsllc.com