Home Healing- Mother’s Blessing

Mother to Be Let’s Celebrate Thee!

What I use:

Fire Ceremony

Burning Sage to clear the space

Burning Palo Santo to set the intention

If you’re sensitive to smoke I can bring sage spray and palo santo spray

A custom blend of essential oils and crystals created

especially for you and your current situation

A Mother’s Blessing experience takes around an hour

depending on the total number of guests.

Let me get to know you a little more and let me see if my services are a good fit for your needs.

Fill out the no obligation in-take form below and I’ll get back to you soon.

In peace and light!

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Mother to Be Let’s Celebrate Thee!

Prior to your Event, I connect with the host/hostess and complete an in-take form that allows me to deeply understand the Mother-To-Be’s journey from preconception to now. Getting to know about this amazing Mother-To-Be is key to my process of creating a custom experience for her and her friends.

Gifts for Guests: I create custom gifts to allow the participants to connect deeply with the love they have for themselves and the Mother-To-Be

Gift for the Mother-to-Be: Calming, confidence & relaxation inducing gift

Flower Mandala: For an additional cost
A flower mandala will be created on-site that will be infused with positive energy and placed with the intention to spread love & light to the participants. These flowers are gifted to the guests at the end of the ceremony.

*This is an opportunity to Empower her, Show her Love, & Support her on her journey to Motherhood

To Book Your Mother’s Blessing Today email me and fill out the in-take form and I’ll begin designing this custom experience for you

Please fill out the intake form below so I can create a customized healing session for you. I will perform your space-clearing session with pure, loving intention in order to serve your areas greatest and highest good. As a Certified Spiritual Energetic Protection Professional I have helped guide energy fields from negative to positive in many capacities, so am confident I can help you as well.