Home Healing – Homeowners

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What I use:

Fire Ceremony

Burning Sage to clear the space

Burning Palo Santo to set the intention

If you’re sensitive to smoke I can bring sage spray and palo santo spray

A custom blend of essential oils and crystals created

especially for you and your current situation

A home healing session takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour

depending on the severity of the situation.

Let me get to know you a little more and let me see if my services are a good fit for your needs.

Fill out the no obligation in-take form below and I’ll get back to you soon.

In peace and light!

Own a home already and experience negative energy zones or overall lulls? I can come and clear the negative energy and infuse it with positivity. As a Home Inspector I am aware of the areas in one’s home that cause high levels of stress and can target those areas as well as utilizing your specific concerns as a guide for me to heal your home accordingly.

You own a house and have tried everything to make it a home. I can come in and assess the energetic areas that need clearing and perform a home healing service that should leave you at ease.

Your home is an extension of your being. The energy that flows is highly specialized to the occupants that dwell in the space.

Things can be thrown off with arguments, everyday stresses like work, raising a family, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. It can all get too much sometimes.

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Here’s where I come in, as a neutral party with the intent to heal your space and assist in making it a sacred space to thrive. My intentions are not muddied by emotion. I will come with an open heart and mind tapping into my intuition.

I have specific clothing I wear only for home healing sessions. I perform a cleansing ceremony prior to entering your home and when I leave the space as well.

No two healing sessions are the same, they’re all unique to your current needs at hand. What all healing sessions have in common is I replace the negative energy that fills the space and replace it with positive energy.

Some will be heavily music based (healing vibrations), crystal infused, and always some form of fire/mist healing. I can clear the space but also return for “energy tune ups” and reaffirm our intentions for the space you desire.

Please fill out the intake form below so I can create a customized healing session for you. I will perform your space-clearing session with pure, loving intention in order to serve your areas greatest and highest good. As a Certified Spiritual Energetic Protection Professional I have helped guide energy fields from negative to positive in many capacities, so am confident I can help you as well.