Home Healing- Corporate Connections

What I use:

Fire Ceremony

Burning Sage to clear the space

Burning Palo Santo to set the intention

If you’re sensitive to smoke I can bring sage spray and palo santo spray

A custom blend of essential oils and crystals created

especially for you and your current situation

A Corporate Connection experience takes around an hour

depending on the total number of participants.

Let me get to know you a little more and let me see if my services are a good fit for your needs.

Fill out the no obligation in-take form below and I’ll get back to you soon.

In peace and light!

Are your staff members stressed?

Through my Corporate Connection Experience, I can help reduce stress and increase the bond between your company members.

Please fill out the form below and inquire directly at jacqualyn@investmentinspectorsllc.com so I can create a custom experience for your office.

*Possible Corporate Connection List of Activities
  • Space Clearing of Individual and community work spaces: to move out stagnant energy and infuse the space with positive energy
  • Intention Setting: for individual and group empowerment to remove blockages in one’s mindset
  • Sound Bath: for relaxation and to solidify the intentions set and move forward with the day in a positive and calm way

What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is an experience in which I guide you into a meditative state with the use of my gong, singing bowls, and accessory instruments to bathe my clients in healing vibrational sounds. I assist my clients in reaching the theta state (in between dreaming and awakeness) and guide them to full relaxation. I offer you a chance at full self-care. My dedicated group sessions are customized for the group and facilitated with your highest good at the center of all I do.

“I felt a sense of weightlessness and deep relaxation. I was skeptical of this type of experience but when I let myself go and relaxed on the pillow provided I experienced bliss. It was a strange feeling for me in a public setting to relax so deeply. Jacqualyn’s voice, instruments, and the full experience allowed for a safe space for me to relax and benefit in a great way. Thank you!”


Los Angeles, CA

To Book Your Corporate Connection Experience Today email me and fill out the in-take form and I’ll begin designing this custom experience for you and your office.

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Please fill out the intake form below so I can create a customized healing session for you. I will perform your space-clearing session with pure, loving intention in order to serve your areas greatest and highest good. As a Certified Spiritual Energetic Protection Professional I have helped guide energy fields from negative to positive in many capacities, so am confident I can help you as well.