Exploring Life & Business with Jacqualyn Jackson of Investment Inspectors

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jacqualyn Jackson.

Hi Jacqualyn, please kick things off for us with an introduction of yourself and your story.
I grew up in Apple Valley, CA and my passions were dance and photography. I was the disposable camera queen! I moved to the South Bay when I was 14 years old and lived with my Granny in Torrance while I trained up to 4 hours/day and became a professional dancer. After a serious foot injury, I switched to my other passion and received my Vocational Certification in Photography from Santa Monica College. I worked as a photographer for ten years. I later received my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications from Westwood College.

I also worked for many years as a Property Manager including front desk at High-Rise Luxury condos and as an On-Site Property Manager at multi-family properties. During these experiences I acquired my love for real estate and my desire to help people live comfortably.

Throughout my early adulthood I lived at an ashram (spiritual retreat center) in North Carolina and worked as a Graphic Designer and Front Desk Agent. I’ve trained in yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork, gongs, crystal singing bowls, and space clearing and am a Certified Spiritual Energetic Protection Professional. I have also gone to 5 Vipassana courses, 3 in which were 10-Day Silence Courses. I value silence and solitude as well as creating deep and meaningful connections with others.

I decided to combine my two life passions, real estate and making a positive difference in the lives of people near and far, so I founded Investment Inspectors LLC. I trained one-on-one in the field all over Los Angeles and Orange County and have two Home Inspection Certifications, one from American Home Inspector Training (AHIT-online and in-person) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). My passion is assisting people in their transition to homeownership and creating a positive space to live and work.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
We moved a lot as a child so my goal as an adult is to create a consistent home environment for my family. I’ve always had to work hard for everything in my life! I worked during High School as an assistant ballet teacher six days/week to help pay for my dance classes since my single-mother was struggling to pay for my unlimited dance classes and company dues. I also worked throughout college. During my Bachelor’s Degree program, I worked up to 20 hours a day 2-3 days/week. Those hours included overnight work and work during the day. I’m a hard worker but have learned along the way how to create balance and beat burnout, while following my passions.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about Investment Inspectors LLC?
I conduct home inspections and space clearing services in homes in the South Bay. Most home inspections take place prior to the close of escrow and I provide my clients with information to help them negotiate repairs and/or receive credit during the real estate transaction process. I offer three home inspection options.

Home Inspection Services

1. Walk-through Home Inspections- This is for a qualified buyer prior to placing an offer on a home, to help limit contingencies and be more appealing to the seller. I provide my expertise to walk through the home with you and/or agent and point out elements of concern.

2. Summary Home Inspections- I provide information about the most important issues that need to be addressed, prior to buying the home, in a summary page.

3. Comprehensive Home Inspection- I provide a report up to 40 pages of detailed information about the house. I provide hundreds of photos and comprehensive information that will empower the future homeowner now and once they purchase the home.

Home Healing Services

A Home Healing service is essentially a space clearing where I rid the space of negative energy and infuse it with positive energy and loving intentions.

Most of the space clearing work that I conduct happens prior to my clients moving into their new home to prepare the space for their new energy and for a smooth transition into occupying their space.

I am very familiar with the real estate transaction process and can relate and empathize with my clients. I have bought (and sold) a property within the past 12 months. I am fully aware of the time constraints and accuracy needed in reporting and work accordingly.

I am most proud of my brand’s commitment to: Accountability- in the actions we take, Integrity- in the decisions we make, Self-Care- staying healthy & happy & caring for one’s self, and Family and Giving Back- both physically & financially in the best interests of others.

I’m available for Home Inspections and Space Clearing work 6 days/week Tuesday-Sunday. You can book a home inspection by calling 424.704.2033. For space clearing services, you can email me directly at jacqualyn@investmentinspectorsllc.com. I can be found on Instagram at investmentinspectorsllc and at my website at www.investmentinspectorsllc.com

I love what I do and am in this for the long run. I am the Right Inspector for Your Investment!

In terms of your work and the industry, what are some of the changes you are expecting to see over the next five to ten years?
The exciting part of this industry is that home inspections will always be needed! Having a 3rd party who is not emotionally, financially, or otherwise connected to the property in question truly helps the client find out more about the home and discover things missed by most people. I look forward to working in this field into retirement. We find habitability issues and surprisingly enough, we find “new installs” that do not function as intended and help our clients address the issues. I see summary home inspections and walk-through home inspection services becoming the trend as a result of all of the current competition and current seller’s market. Clients need to move quickly during the real estate transaction process so being flexible with my services is key. During the next 5-10 years, I see the industry growing and partnering more with engineers, pest control companies, air quality technicians, etc. creating a one-stop shop for home inspections, maintenance and remodels.

Pricing: Subject to change

Walk-Through Home Inspections

  • Starting at $150

Summary Home Inspections

  • Starting at $200

Comprehensive Home Inspections

  • Starting at $325
  • Multi-family (2-4 units) please call for a quote 424.704.2033

*The above prices are estimates and can change based on the size, age and condition of the home

Home Healing Services

  • Starting at $150

New Service launching JUNE 2021

Sound Baths: I use my gongs, singing bowls, and accessory instruments to bathe my clients in healing vibrational sounds. I assist my clients in reaching the theta state and full relaxation. We’re all under too much stress so I’m here to give you a chance at full self-care. Check out my instagram page for updates!

Contact Info:

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