Condominium Inspections

Do I Need My Condo Inspected?

When purchasing a home, condominiums are a unique and great option to look into. An HOA takes care of the ground and exterior maintenance, meaning you, as the homeowner, only have to worry about the home itself. A condo should always be inspected before you close the deal to ensure you’re not purchasing what could soon become a nightmare to maintain.

A condo inspection can change the outcome of a conditional offer. If you discover a major problem with the condo, as long as you have a home inspection clause in your conditional offer, you can use that report to back out of the deal. If you’re still sold on the home, a home inspection can help you negotiate a lower final price.

What Does a Condo Inspection Consist Of?

An interior-only inspection only covers the inside of your personal unit. Attics, crawl spaces, exteriors, roofs, common areas, parking garages, or staircases and railings are not included in an interior-only inspection. If you live in a high-rise tower where it may be more difficult to access certain parts of your home (like the exterior), an interior-only inspection is most ideal. If your inspector finds a leak from the roof of a top-floor unit, or damage done due to wood destroying organisms, you can report this to your HOA for repairs.

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