About Me

My motto: “A mindful, thorough, and reliable home inspection that leads you home”

Hello my name is Jacqualyn Jackson!

I am a California Certified Professional Home Inspector

I am a Certified Spiritual Energetic Protection Professional

As a Real Estate Professional I’ve experienced the trials and tribulations renters and owners go through occupying their chosen space.

I’m fully aware of habitability requirements that don’t include the frills and thrills of cosmetic confectionery.

You’re probably here for one of the 3 following reasons:

  1. You need a home inspection for a real estate transaction that’s currently in progress.
  2. You have major bad vibes at your current home and need me to come clear them out.
  3. You’re a current homeowner, considering putting your home on the market. You want to get it in “shape” so you need to know what potential buyers are looking for to prepare for showings and a quick close.

Who I am

  • A neutral third-party coming into your home with your best interests in mind.

  • Think of me as a “fresh pair of eyes” I am not emotionally, financially, or otherwise connected to your property, so I will tell you as I see it. Just like searching for that perfect mate, there is no perfect home. Emotions cloud your judgment so I’m here to assist in bringing to light things you may have missed.

  • I use my professional training as well as my intuition to survey the home in question and accurately deliver my findings. I do not use fancy tools or gimmicks. I inspect the home as if I were moving in and find the habitability concerns that affect most people. *sorry, my opinion about the accent colors won’t be on the report. But bubbling paint on your ceiling (possible moisture intrusion will).

Who I am NOT

I’m not a liar, nor a deal killer, I want all folks involved in real estate transactions to achieve their desired outcomes. However, I am the client’s advocate so I will tell it like I see it, keeping in mind health and safety concerns.

I’m also not a Wizard, I can’t see through walls and predict the future. I believe in due diligence. I’m a generalist and review the major components of your home, so expect to get a licensed professional out to the property after I review and get a deeper report of individual findings. The licensed professional I recommend will not review your entire home. They will only come for the items in question.

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What I do: Inspect homes and identify major defects that will potentially cause health or safety concerns for its inhabitants.  I do not diagnose or treat such issues so will not be returning for repairs.

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